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International Biological Laboratories was established in the year 1958 to research, manufacture export various science and educational requisites for schools, colleges and international market and under the trademark Interlabs. Now this is the third generation and Interlabs is a modern organization with latest technology and efficient policies.

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Cut Model Of Petrol Engine

Engine cut model motor driven.

Working Model Of MPFI Petrol Engine

Working Model Of Petrol MPFI Engine.

Working Model Of Multi Cylinder Carburetor Type Petrol Engine

Working model of carburetor type petrol engine mounted on caster wheel trolley fitted with all actual parts such as radiator fuel tank batteries.

Working Model Of Petrol Engine Indica Xeta Type

Working Model of Petrol Engine Petrol Indica Type.

Gear Box With Multi Plate Clutch

Actual working Model of Gear box with clutch Mounted on Iron stand.

Automobile Parts Cut Sectional Or Working

We can supply automobile spare parts in working or cut sectional models. Mounted on wooden stand.

Automobile Spare Parts Working Or Cut Sectional

We manufacture and supply all types of automobile spare parts in working or cut sectional for easy demonstration.

Diaphragm Clutch

Actual model Mounted on 18mm wooden and MS stand with powder coated.

Diesel Engine Cut Section

Diesel Engine cut section.

Model Of Hydraulic Brake System

Actual working model of hydraulic brake system mounted on iron stand car type.

Mahindra Peugeot Diesel Cut Sectional Engine

Actual cut sectional model of mahindra peugeot engine mounted oncaster wheel trolley.
Cut section discription:-
  1. Engine block for easy view of piston displacement.
  2. Engine head for easy view of inlet, exhaust valve movement & injector fitting.
  3. Tappet cover for easy view of rocker arm movement.
  4. Timing cover for easy view of gear drive.
  5. Oil sump for easy view of crank shaft movement.
  6. Alternator for easy view of internal circuits.
  7. Oil pump for easy view of its movement.
  8. Starter motor for internal circuit.
  9. Fuel pump for easy view of internal circuits.
  10. Motor (crompton greeves) droven engine.

Engineering Educational Equipments

Engineering educational equipments.

Actual Cut Section Model Of Shock Absorber

Actual cut madel of telescopic shock absorber ,ounted on wooden frame.

Cut Sectional Models Of Transmission Of Auto Cars

Cut Sectional model of Synchromesh Gear Box.

Working Model Of Power Steering

Working model of power steering.
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